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Who We Are

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Teichos is a company founded in 2014, born from the union and synergy between professionals who have been operating for several years in the cultural heritage sector and who have different and complementary skills and specializations (archaeologists, architects, topographers and designers).

Teichos is a service company for cultural heritage, in particular for preventive archeology investigations both in the terrestrial and underwater fields. The fields of application start from the design of emergency excavations to the enhancement, planning and scientific curating of exhibitions, as well as the organization of events and exhibitions.

Each expert has many years of experience in field activities: stratigraphic excavations, preliminary surveys, coring, non-invasive surveys, graphic and topographical surveys, environmental impact assessments, elaboration of maps and feasibility plans, conservation and archaeological risk assessment, activities laboratory and study, conservation and enhancement.

Our Services

preventive archaeology

Preventive Archaeology

archaeological excavation

Archaeological Excavation and Stratigraphic Documentation

Architectural and topographic aerial photogrammetric survey activities - GIS solutions for territorial information systems - Survey and mapping of decay

- Architectural and Topographic Aerial Photogrammetric Survey Activities
- GIS Solutions for Territorial Information Systems
- Survey and Mapping of Decay

Didactic Activities, Training, Didactic Sites

Specialized editorial services, the iMediterranei project

Specialized Editorial Services,
the iMediterranei Project

non destructive geophysical investigations

Non-destructive Geophysical Investigations

Underwater Archaeology

Cataloging, storage of finds and emergency conservation intervention operations, complementary to the archaeological investigation.

Cataloging, Storage of Finds and Emergency Conservation Intervention Operations, Complementary to the Archaeological Investigation

Restoration and removal of polyurethane paints from stone and metal surfaces.

Restoration and removal of polyurethane paints from stone and metal surfaces

Design, construction and management of exhibitions, events and cultural parks.

Design, Construction and Management of Exhibitions, Events and Cultural Parks

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