Starting from 2017 Salvatore Agizza, administrator of Teichos, has designed two underwater archeology exhibitions “the Pioneers of underwater archeology in the Phlegraean area and in Sicily” and “Thalassa, Submerged Wonders from the Mediterranean” (2019,2020). On the occasion of LUBEC 2020, in collaboration with KIF Italia he curated “Underwater”. The immersive work, through a projection of …

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Specialized Editorial Services

In 2021 Teichos faced a new challenge, an editorial project on the Mediterranean, sanctioning the connection between Western and Eastern culture, always lived according to different meanings: culture, economy, society, religiosity, nature and landscape. A magazine of cultural information on the subjects operating in the Mare nostrum starting from knowledge, civilization, tourism, profession and places …

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In recent years, what can now be considered a serious social phenomenon, that of “graffiti artists”, has become more acute. Particularly widespread in metropolitan areas, it is now experienced by those affected, and in any case by those who live in the city, as a serious threat to the public and private building heritage, as …

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Didactic Activities

Teichos offers training services focused on the theme of archeology with the aim of disseminating the fundamental principles of historical and archaeological research to the younger generations. The educational activities focused on the theme of archeology, can be modulated in terms of time and content based on the training needs of the class, and will …

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Teichos offers services for cataloging and storage, the arrangement of the finds in the deposits, as well as emergency conservation intervention (first aid, premier secour). The actions are carried out during the archaeological excavation, aimed at the recovery, treatment and conservation of artifacts, both mobile and immovable, with the aim of minimizing the risk that …

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Underwater archaeology

Maritime or marine archeology is a particular area of ​​archeology that deals with studying the interaction between man and the aquatic and coastal environment of seas and oceans through the analysis of archaeological remains and anthropogenic changes in the landscape. The methodological applications of this discipline, done underwater or in a humid environment, fall within …

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Non-destructive Geophysical Investigations

The geophysical investigations considered innovative diagnostic techniques allow to identify, from the surface, “hidden” and therefore not visible anomalies, of different nature: voids, structures. They prove to be a fundamental complement to direct measurements, such as excavations, perforations, chemical-physical analyzes. The company staff provides advice for such instrumental investigations from the execution to the interpretation …

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Preventive Archaeology

Teichos offers services for preventive archeology that combines the protection of heritage with the operational needs of construction, mining or major infrastructural works involving excavation work. Starting from the design phase of these works, Teichos provides any support for archaeological assistance and advice for public and private clients.